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Mental health impact on Youth Empowerment

When someone has a mental health condition, it can impact how they think, feel and behave. It can also impact their physical health. As with anyone who finds themselves in an unexpected situation, they may feel overwhelmed, experience feelings of grief and loss, and be fearful of the future.

The impact of living with a mental health condition is different for everyone. Some people live with a mental health condition without it significantly impacting their work. For others it is a major barrier to education and employment. Having a mental health condition also increases the likelihood of a person experiencing financial stress, which can in turn impact their health.

Mental health conditions can place pressure on relationships. Some people with mental health conditions will feel a sense of isolation and disconnection from their communities. Sometimes the treatment of a mental health condition creates challenges, such as the various side effects of medication.

Stigma and discrimination is a reality for many people who live with a mental health condition, and it may impact their willingness to disclose their condition and seek support.

Not all impacts of mental health conditions are negative. Living with a mental health condition can enable people to build strengths and skills that support them in their recovery. While the impacts of mental health conditions may be significant, with the right supports and treatments, most people with a mental health condition can recover and lead fulfilling lives.

The bottom line is that each person is individual and unique, as will be the impact of their condition. Avoid assumptions. The best way to understand someone’s situation and experience is to ask them. They are the expert in their lives.

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